Benefits of DispenSense

First in class-all inclusive dispensary software

  • Advanced workflow management
  • Next level Patient Medical Record
  • Cutting-edge integration capability
  • Sophisticated stock & price management
  • Real-time updates (clinical & product level)
  • Secure cloud-based system accessible 24/7

Benefits of dispenSense to the pharmacy

  • User-friendly: Highly flexible in terms of editing, modifying, and dispensing
  • Workflow management: Our Kanban improves transparency and enhances workflow, featuring Park scripts for seamless follow-ups and team handovers
  • Healthmail integration: Allowing pharmacies to manage electronic prescriptions effortlessly
  • Contraception Scheme (CN): Simplifies claim submissions through electronic processing to the PCRS
  • Key features: Benefit from HT-Hub prompts, product-allowed scheme controls, flexibility with editing and support for multiple schemes per dispensing
  • Owings compliance: Pharmacies can confidently navigate owings requirements, ensuring PCRS compliance
  • Claims defender: Analyses prescriptions for errors and gaps that could prevent PCRS reimbursement
  • Robot integration: Including split pack processing
  • Future-proofed technology: Designed with advanced technology, ensuring longevity and adaptability in the ever-evolving pharmacy landscape with the expanding role of pharmacists
Core Team
  • Sarah Whelan
    Product Manager
  • Maria Lettice
    Customer Success Executive
  • Finn McCann
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Susie Morrissey
    Customer Success Executive