Merchandising Service

Improving customer experience.
Increasing sales.
  • Site visit/meeting to review current layout and stock ranges
  • Review sizes of current categories in the store using sales data/current demographics
  • Advice and support on new shop equipment
  • Advice and support on internal category signage
  • Creation of bespoke planograms based on stores’ sales data, determining what ranges/lines are performing well and enhancing future sales and high margin lines
  • Creation of planograms in the absence of sales data based on nationwide and high margin lines
  • Seasonally updated planograms eg. Allergy, Cold + Flu, Cough, Vitamins
  • On site training for planograms/ordering correct high margin lines/local promotions
  • We can supply a dedicated retail pharmacy merchandising team to work with your staff. This will enable your staff to continue servicing your customers
  • Project management for above
  • Merchandising timelines can range from 3 – 7 working days based on your store size and needs
  • Full handover to store team upon completion